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How WellStar is delivering quality and confidence with ServiceNow.

Gaps in Vulnerability Remediation Lead to Patient Care Concerns.

Wellstar has a reputation for excellence with patients and partners, but they recognized a worrying gap in vulnerability remediation. Not only was this an alarming issue for patient data, but a worst-case scenario could also see patient care severely impacted. Driven by their desire to keep patient care as their highest priority, Wellstar sought ITS to help them implement a Vulnerability management system using the ServiceNow platform. With an experienced team, ITS quickly identified several key issues to be addressed:

  • Inaccurate CMDB
  • Cumbersome Vulnerability
  • Unsuccessful Validation
  • Inefficient Patch Management
  • Unclear Compliance Posture
  • Cybersecurity Concerns
By partnering with Wellstar to implement VRx, Wellstar has quickly moved from an ineffective and burdensome process of remediating vulnerabilities to shutting them out and meeting compliance for their organization. Because of their success, now they can continue to deliver high-quality patient care — with confidence. Download the success story today to find out how.