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Webinar: Quickly put out fires with an exposure assessment using ServiceNow's SecOps & SAM modules

With the COVID-19 landscape becoming the “new normal”, attacker groups have been quick to capitalize on chaos. Targeted campaigns are exploiting high-risk vulnerabilities, masked under the guise of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO). How should you react? Does your security team immediately go into fire-fighting mode? You're not alone. Organizations may take up to 3-4 weeks to scan the entire network to even know the risk exposure – with severe threats on the horizon, that's too much lost time. 

Join ITS & ServiceNow on June 17th at 11am ET to learn how your team can utilize the ServiceNow Vulnerability Response & Software Asset Management modules to quickly find vulnerable systems and address risk, ahead of your attackers.

VR + SAM = better together!

Wednesday, June 17th @ 11:00am (Eastern)

Jeff Tomsik, Business Process Consultant, ITS Partners
Eric Roberts, Business Process Consultant, ITS Partners
Joe Pizzo, Senior Advisory Solution Architect, ServiceNow
Ray Chung, Advisory Solutions Consultant, ServiceNow

ServiceNow + ITS